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The Catskills

The diverse region of the Catskills in southern New York is a short drive from the NYC/NJ/CT metro area, Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Capital Region of NY, and western Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Click on the map to journey through the four distinct sub regions of the Catskills and explore all that awaits you.

Catskills Wineries

The Catskills are a Hot Spot for Local New York Wineries
When you think ‘wine country,’ the Catskills may not be top of mind. Well, move over Napa Valley! The Catskills has become a hot spot for local New York wineries. Throughout all four regions of the Catskills you will find premium vineyards and wineries that offer tastings and tours. While some craft wine from imported grapes, others take advantage of the lush, bountiful land in the region and grow their own. Whether you prefer robust reds or elegant, refreshing whites, you’re sure to find something that suits your particular taste. Not a wine connoisseur? No problem! These wineries are definitely beginner-friendly and experienced staff are there to guide you on your tasting journey. In order to find your favorite Catskills wine, you’ll have to try a few, so map out a route and make a day of it! In addition to sampling the region’s wine, traveling a wine trail is also a great way to experience the beautiful landscape of the Catskills. Just be sure to designate a driver and take advantage of the local eateries as well. As you craft your Catskills wine trail, consider these popular locations.

8 Best Catskills Wineries

  1. Bashakill Vineyards
  2. Adair Vineyards
  3. Stoutridge Vineyard
  4. Brimstone Hill Winery
  5. Enlightenment Wines
  6. Whitecliff Vineyard & Winery
  7. Eminence Farm Road Farm Winery
  8. Hudson-Chatham Winery Tannersville

Best Catskills Wineries by County


In the southernmost region of the Catskills likes Bashakill Vineyards, a farm winery that grows all of their grapes organically and even composts their grape pressings to fertilize the soil. All of their wines are meticulously crafted on-site and varieties include Organic Sparkling Wine, Rosé, Chardonnay, Semi-Sweet Whites, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. Stop by for a tasting and enjoy views of the surrounding Bashakill Wetlands.


Ulster County is a New York wine dream come true. The fertile land of the Hudson Valley makes it an ideal location for both growing wines and enjoying them! Each location has its own unique flair or specialty, too. Adair Vineyards in New Paltz is located in a 200-plus-year-old Dutch barn. All of their wines are made from estate and locally grown grapes and fruits and are vegan. Stoutridge Vineyard in Marlboro is a state of the art, solar-powered, sustainable farm winery and distillery. They specialize in unprocessed, food-friendly wines and produce gin and other spirits as well. Brimstone Hill Winery, a family-operated winery in Pine Bush specializing in French-style wines, is known for its dry reds and sweet whites. You don’t want to miss Enlightenment Wines in Clintondale. The smallest legal winery in New York State, Enlightenment Wines is operated from a family farmstead and produces unfiltered dry meads and botanical fruit wines in small batches. Whitecliff Vineyard and Winery in Gardiner is a popular spot. Their Seventy-acre winery has gained national recognition for their award-winning Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and more. Their tasting experience also offers spectacular views of the Shawangunk Cliffs and an onsite art gallery! There is no doubt you could spend a full day just exploring the wineries of Ulster County. The Shawangunk Wine Trail can help you do that! This 80-mile route through the Shawangunk Mountain Region covers multiple award-winning wineries.


Eminence Farm Road Farm Winery in Long Eddy is perfect for those who prefer drier wines. Their dry table wines are made with grapes sourced from Finger Lakes vineyards, fermented by naturally occurring yeasts, and bottled by hand. They are simple and pure, with nothing added except a minimal amount of sulfite for stability. While they do not have a public tasting room, they do offer tours upon request. Pair a tasting at this winery with some of the incredible food in Delaware County for a well-rounded afternoon


Part of the Catskills Beverage Trail, Hudson-Chatham Winery Tannersville produces wine using grapes from Columbia and Greene Counties in New York, so you know you’re getting the true local flavor. With a 40-foot bar, there is plenty of room for you and all of your friends to enjoy a tasting, and if you decide to sample a full glass, relax in their new lounge area! These handmade, small-batch wines are sure to satisfy and excite – especially their selection of robust reds! Not only do the local wineries of the Catskills deliver excellent products – they provide a great experience as well! Tastings are a great way to enjoy a day with friends and family, or spend some quality time with your special someone. We do understand (somewhat) that grapes aren’t for everyone. If members of your party are whining about all the wine, sprinkle a few of the region’s craft breweries or cideries into your trip plans. Whether you come away with a new favorite wine, a car full of bottles, or simply an appreciation for what the Catskills offers, you’re sure to enjoy the journey. So, raise a glass to local wine in the Catskills!

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