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The Catskills

The diverse region of the Catskills in southern New York is a short drive from the NYC/NJ/CT metro area, Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Capital Region of NY, and western Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Click on the map to journey through the four distinct sub regions of the Catskills and explore all that awaits you.

Catskills Art & Culture

Inspiring Generations of Catskills Artists and Creative Minds
The Catskills have inspired countless generations of artists and continue to be a cultural haven for creative souls to this day – and there are numerous reasons for that. Whether it’s the region’s awe-inspiring scenery or its reputation as the host to a music festival that ultimately helped to form the counterculture movement of the 1960s, there’s no denying it: art and culture play an important role in the Catskills’ way of life.

The Legacy of Catskills Arts

Today, the artistic legacies left behind by renowned artists of the Hudson River School and the rock and roll behemoths who performed at the 1964 Woodstock Festival have inspired a new generation of Catskills artists, performers, and creative souls. Here, the relationship between art and place is harmonious, and it’s because of this that you’ll find artistic creations in the most surprising of places, including…
  • Annual events like the Stagecoach Run Art Festival, during which the region’s artists welcome visitors into their homes and private studios.
  • Modern Day General Stores + Farm-to-Fork Restaurants, that display and sell art by local Catskills artists on the shelves and walls of their establishments.
  • Farmers’ Market,  where you’ll find not only food items from local farmers, but wares from craftsmen like wood carvings, paintings, jewelry, and sculptures.
  • Unique Venues like Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and West Kortright Centre, the first of which was the site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival and the other, a remodeled 19th-century country church situated in the region’s lush rolling hillsides.
Wherever you go, you’ll find that art and culture are a constant fixture throughout the Catskills.

History, Art and Place Intertwined

In the Catskills, art and history are one and the same, as is the region’s influence on artwork and music created here. With numerous opportunities for connecting the dots between these elements, art lovers of all kinds will find something to be inspired by. See the very locations that inspired Thomas Cole’s breathtaking depictions of waterfalls, inspired Washington Irving’s classic tale of Rip Van Winkle and Frederic Church’s incredible landscapes along the Hudson River School Art Trail or at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, and listen to chamber music as you’ve never heard it before thanks to the acoustics of Maverick Concerts’  100-year-old concert hall – immersive artistic and cultural experiences are everywhere in the Catskills.


Discover the variety of Arts & Culture throughout the different counties in the Catskills Region. Enjoy!


Take a wine tour, sip sweet ciders, or taste craft brews made right here in the Catskills.


Scenic highways that wind through quaint villages, around beautiful lakes, and offer amazing vistas.