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The Catskills

The diverse region of the Catskills in southern New York is a short drive from the NYC/NJ/CT metro area, Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Capital Region of NY, and western Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Click on the map to journey through the four distinct sub regions of the Catskills and explore all that awaits you.

The Catskills Compass

Discover the best of the Catskills experience
The Catskill Region is synonymous with adventure. Throughout four counties – Delaware, Ulster, Sullivan, and Greene – and over 6,000 square miles you will find endless opportunities to explore the outdoors, taste the local flavors, and experience Catskills culture. Discover the natural beauty of the Catskill Park, one of two “Forever Wild” nature preserves in New York State, by hiking, biking, or paddling. Sample amazing cuisine and craft beverages at Catskills restaurants. Extend your adventure by camping or staying at one of the region’s unique hotels or resorts. The Catskills has countless stories to be told. Find inspiration here, then head out to discover your own. After all, the best adventure story is the one you write yourself.

Best Places for Coffee in the Catskills

We know you need it. Come get your caffeine fix here.

Fourth of July Fireworks in the Catskills

And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

Unique Ways to Find Fall Foliage

Catskills Whitewater Rafting

Adventure Awaits on the Rapids

Best Farm Stays Near NYC

Experience a different way of life on a Catskills farm stay

How to Get to the Catskills from NYC Without a Car

No Car? No Problem!

Catskills Wineries

The Catskills are a Hot Spot for Local New York Wineries

Best Catskills Yoga Retreats

Find Your Zen at These Catskills Yoga Retreats

Stay Safe During a Waterfall Trip in the Catskills

Safety & Trail Etiquette Tips

Best Places for Coffee in the Catskills

We know you need it. Come get your caffeine fix here.

Vacation Like the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Go Back to a Simpler Time at a Catskills Resort

Pet Friendly Catskills Vacations

Bring Your Pet Along, the Catskills are Pet-Friendly.

Where to Find Gluten-Free Dining in the Catskills

Find the best Catskills gluten-free menu options here

Climbing the Gunks in the Catskills

Discover New Heights at the ‘Gunks!

Ice Cream Spots in the Catskills

Find the Perfect Cone, Milkshake, or Sundae to Satisfy Your Summer Craving!

Learn Something New in the Catskills

Travel With Purpose. Explore the Catskills & Learn Something New Along the Way.

Small Towns in the Catskills

Discover the picturesque towns and hamlets of New York’s Catskills Region.

Feel Like a Kid in the Catskills

Just because you’re a grown up doesn’t mean you have to grow up!

Top 10 Cideries to Visit in the Catskills

Delicious fall flavors and farm-fresh eats await you at these 10 cideries.

Best Places to See Fall Foliage in the Catskills

See all the beautiful fall colors in our region!

Beyond the Slopes: Winter in the Catskills

The Catskills can be a winter destination for anyone

Great Northern Catskills Travel

If you’re looking for a fun Catskills getaway, consider visiting Greene County!

Catskills Family Getaways

Visit the Catskills with the whole family for an unforgettable vacation!

Abandoned Places in the Catskills

Places of days gone by filled with history, legacy, and memories.

Ulster County Travel

Visit Ulster County in the Catskills for a memorable vacation close to home.

Virtual Experiences From the Catskills

Cozy up at home and let us bring the Catskills to you!

Diners in the Catskills

Classic burgers & fries, pancakes & bacon. Find it all at Catskills diners.

Historical Road Trip Through the Catskills

What are the Catskills famous for? Find out on a history-packed road trip!

How to Hike Safely in the Catskills

Practice Safe Hiking

Where to go Glamping in the Catskills

Where to go Glamping

Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Must-try spots in the New York Catskills

Best Bakeries in the Catskills

8 Best Catskills Breweries

The best Catskills breweries are farm fresh. Taste the Catskills in every pint.

Catskills Hotels with Pools

No matter what season you visit the Catskills, there is a place to stay with a pool.

Catskills Road Trip Itineraries

Catskills Road Trip

Theaters & Museums in the Catskills

Culture, Art, History, and Fun!

Top Five Winter Hikes In The Catskills

Head outside for an incredible winter day of exploration!

Nature Walks in the Catskills Region

Enjoy the fresh summer air on a relaxing Catskills nature walk.